One Love Travels : Eclectic Flea Market Finds in Boone, NC

Last weekend I spent time with my awesome friends, Lindsey and Brandon and their sweet baby boy, Bentley. He is cute as can be and I wanted to bring him home but I don’t think they would be okay with that. On Saturday morning, Lindsey, Bentley and I went over to her parents flea market in Deep Gap (outside of Boone). I am floored that I have been friends with her for so long, lived in Boone forever, and never made it to the flea market. I am actually a little mad about it. Why? Because the place is AWESOME! They have EVERYTHING from vintage salt and pepper shakers to doilies to old cast iron. A collection of amazing things that you can use for everyday life or in decorating your home.


Here is a collection of goodies that I left with!

Wild Cat Flea Market Finds

Can you believe how unique and great the woven frame is. I guess it used to be a mirror so I can certainly have some mirror cut down for it. It would even be good as a cork board; buy roll of sheet cork, cut and hot glue.

The purple fabric is going to look great as some Fall throw pillows. Deep purple and orange, along with a global design is right up my alley.

The small, geometric set of brass colored salt and pepper shakers are super cute and let’s be honest. Brass is back.

If you live in Boone or are traveling through, I highly recommend you stop by the Wild Cat Flea Market in Deep Gap. Lisa and Kevin are wonderful people and have a wonderful shop. Thank you Lindsey for taking me there!

Where do you like to find vintage and antique finds? Online? Off the beaten path shops?

Please share your secret spots!

4 thoughts on “One Love Travels : Eclectic Flea Market Finds in Boone, NC

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  2. Love your finds, and how clever of you to make a cork/bulletin board with the pic frame. Wish I lived closer to your flea market find 🙂

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